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About us

A virtual Cafenity (café community), HiMo Club, is a purveyor of royal beverages of India - Chai and Coffee coupled with connoisseur-savvy sweet sustenance via artisan chocolates and more.

HiMo Club endeavours to carve out a niche as an exceptional platform that blends blossoms of coffee and tea with sweet nourishment at the comfort of your home.


The name HiMo has many interpretations, but we primarily selected and designed it to leave lingering retention, to root its place as instantly memorable in your minds. This is our step to building a strong café culture and a distinctive brand of stylistic hospitality. Team HiMo prides itself on valuing the feedback of its clients more than anything else, thereby feeding the soul.


Our partners are stalwarts and have gone to great lengths to preserve the same quaint touches, fine details, and old-world charm through their range of artisan products. It’s the same signature domain that we need to build in the years to come.

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