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Home Brewed! A guide to Coffee Maker

Much like changing a flat tire by yourself, something about brewing a nice cup of coffee at home is just as fulfilling. If you are a coffee aficionado, instant coffee does not top the list of your favorites. You also probably have a preferred cafe that brews the perfect cup of coffee. Everything about that dose of caffeine, from the aroma to the taste, charges you up for the day.

Of the many things that COVID-19 took away from us, lockdown and shut cafes hit our sensitive spot the most. If you are a serious coffee lover, faint thoughts of buying a coffee machine probably breeze through your mind from time to time. Additionally, studies say that buying a coffee machine is cost-effective when compared to buying coffee.

Investing in a coffee machine places your cup of joe in a spectrum of different styles. Coffee machines let you experiment with coffee, opening your taste buds to a wide range of flavors and potential favorites. Confused about where to start? Don’t bean! We are here to assist you in picking out the right machine for you!

Types of Coffee Makers

Bean-to-cup Machines

Do you wonder why your favorite coffee is anything but instant coffee? That’s because instant coffee is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. With a greater percentage of Robusta beans, instant coffee lacks the aroma, body, and entire experience of quality barista’s coffee. Bean-to-cup coffee machines are the fix for your quality coffee cravings.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are equipped with an inbuilt bean grinder. This provides you with the freshest cup of coffee by grinding the beans right before you brew the coffee. These machines are widely popular and offer a range of variants for different prices. Bulky, bean-to-cup machines might intimidate you with their size but they are very easy to use.


  1. Easy to use and clean.

  2. Widely popular.

  3. Grinder allows you to brew fresh coffee.

  4. Its various modes can help you adjust the flavor profile of your coffee.

  5. Running late? Bean-to-cup machines are quick and hassle-free with separate compartments.


  1. Expensive. Most bean-to-cup machines used in cafes are generally pricey.

  2. Requires extensive maintenance and fairly regular use.

  3. Considerably large. While smaller variants do exist, they are still comparatively large and take up a lot of space.

Espresso Machines

Would you not love to get the authentic coffee experience at home without having to shell out a lot of money? Espresso machines were made just for that. Reasonable when compared to bean-in-cup machines, these are the machines widely used in coffee houses. Although they are cheaper, their access becomes unhandy when you’re on a go.

Espresso machines come with an abundance of accessories like the frothing jug, interchangeable filters, and so on. These also greatly help in brewing various types of coffee. Why stay limited to Americano when you can espresso your love for caffeine through macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes?


  1. Provides aficionados with a latte of alternatives.

  2. They are cheaper than bean-to-cup machines.

  3. Manual, automatic, semi-automatic, there is no scarcity of options.


  1. It consumes more energy.

  2. It is not easy to use. You will definitely need to go keep the instruction manual on your coffee table.

  3. With various styles come various adjustments in the measurements and tampings.

Drip Coffee Makers