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Blonde Caramel - (Medium Roast)

Blonde Caramel - (Medium Roast)

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- Take 1:8 Coffee and Water Ratio in a 1 Litre Glass Jar
- Steep it in Fridge for 16 Hours
- Enjoy it with Milk, Water, Cream or Sparkling water to taste
- Stays Fresh in Fridge for 7 Days

Altitude: 915 m
Coffee Variety: Speciality Blend 

Processing: Washed

Taste Palate: Stoned Fruits and Caramel Overtones

Specially crafted and blended for Cold Brew, it has notes of Stoned Fruits and Caramel Overtones giving a mouthfeel and texture to the final cup.

This Medium Roast , Natural processed coffee stands out with interesting fruity notes and sweet aroma in the cup. 

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