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Boss's Wife - House Blend (Medium Roast)

Boss's Wife - House Blend (Medium Roast)

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If you don't have any coffee maker yet then explore Grind Type - Channi (Strainer) for a great cup of coffee.


Taste Palate: Orange Marmalade, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate and Toffee

Blend of: Riverdale Washed and Ratnagiri Anaerobic Black Honey

Well it's a house blend and since everything in the house has to be controlled by the wife, this one is no different. This is going to sound really lame, but when I was single my pick-up line was, ‘If you were a coffee, what would you be?’Well, it worked, because that’s exactly the line I used on my wife, when I first met her. She said she would rather be an espresso , which is sweet so that she blends in with everyone and has a long lasting effect on everyone. This blend is inspired from her and it will woo you the same way she wooed over me. We bet you will never taste espresso as sweet and complex as this one. This coffee will keep you safe because it's easy to make delicious coffee with this blend, and since it is named after the real boss , we can never go wrong. Almost all men would agree with that.

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