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Ro-busta Rhymes (Medium Dark Roast)

Ro-busta Rhymes (Medium Dark Roast)

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Altitude: 1006 m -1372 m
Coffee Variety: Arabica S795 & Robusta
Processing: Washed Arabica & Naturals Robusta
Tasting Palate: Brown Sugar, Cherries, and Stone Fruit

This blend features the lovely washed arabica from the Moganad Estate, and the natural processed robusta from the Venkids Valley Estate. But beware, if you’re expecting a bitter, boring blend, this will let you down! Ro-Busta Rhymes is a super duper tasty blend that really brings the best out both species of the coffees, but what’s really interesting is that acidity and the sweetness in this blend comes a great deal from the Robusta!
We recommend you try this blend black just to really get a feel of what the robusta brings to it!

Planters: Navin Rajes & Pavan Nanjappa
Region: Venkids Valley (Karnataka) & Moganad Estate (Tamil Nadu)

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