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Satchmo (Medium Dark Roast)

Satchmo (Medium Dark Roast)

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HiMo Grind Guide

If you don't have any coffee maker yet then explore Grind Type - Channi (Strainer) for a great cup of coffee.

Altitude: 975 m - 1036 m
Coffee Variety:
SL6 & S795

Processing: Washed
Tasting Palate: Chocolate, Dark Caramel and hints of Citrus

“Satchmo” the blend, just like it’s muse, has pitch perfect sweetness, a deep body that swells like a crescendo, and a subtle “Vibratoesque” citrus acidity. A coffee that goes not toe to toe, but “Cheek to Cheek” with all accompaniments. The blend is on the darker side of a medium, and has the richness of chocolate and dark caramel, and a raspy acidity that can cut through whatever you throw at it, yes we’re looking at you milk and sugar. Satchmo makes the perfect espressos, moka pots, french presses, south indian filters, and what not, to get you a coffee that’ll make you see sit across and think “What a Wonderful World”

Planters: Sharan Gowda and Pavan Nanjappa

Region: Karnataka 

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